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Multi-Tester Pro II

Fault finding in electronic systems can be like finding a needle in a haystack and experience is no guarantee of success. Multi-Tester pro brings the independent workshop the power to diagnose electronic faults. Our main product from Autodiagnos is the Multi-Tester pro II. It is designed for advanced diagnostics of modern automotive electronic systems.


- Extremely fast boot up time
- Cathode back-lit LCD screen
- Integral Multiplexing device
- Menu driven structure
- USB connection


- Ready to use in approx 8 seconds
- Superb clarity even in sunlight
- Only one 16-pin cable – No CAN adaptors required
- Simple navigation through vehicle systems
- Ability to print out saved data via PC
-Application Cartridge updated via internet


Portability enables you to take the Multi-Tester pro on the road and analyze performance. Since the Multi-Tester pro is designed to interface with the Autodiagnos SnapShot Viewer, you can store, compare and document your testing results. For systems coverage and functionality, please click on the vehicle makes shown below.


Volvo     Volkswagen/Audi     BMW     Mercedes     Smart

Land Rover     Jaguar     Porsche     Saab

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