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Are you looking for a factory diagnostic solution for Lotus?

Techcentre is able to re-program engine ECU’s for 2008 model year and later, using the standard DLC cable, T000T1472F.  An additional communication cable is provided for program downloads for pre 08 MY Toyota powertrain. ECU reprogramming will allow the latest ECU Firmware version to be uploaded to the ECU. The Techcentre will detect whether the VIN requires an update and ask to be updated (instructions must be referred to prior to reprogramming the ECU).

The Lotus Techcentre kit includes a unique, 18 character license/registration key. This key is not transferable to other PC’s. It is designed for use by professional technicians, trained to service and repair Lotus vehicles. The diagnostic software and hardware, permits electronic interrogation of vehicle control systems to  report DTC’s, reprogram engine control modules, and provide live data and diagnostics on engine, ABS, Instrument cluster, passive restraint and tire pressure monitoring systems. Systems coverage and functionality is identical to that available to the Lotus technician working at the Lotus, franchised dealer. Periodically, approx every 7-10 days, click on “Lotus Update Client. exe” to ensure that the latest version/software is loaded.

The Lotus Techcentre kit is designed to set control systems to the original factory specifications.

Software updates are included with the original purchase, using the “Lotus Update Client. exe”  up to 1 year after purchase. The license (including support/maintenance feature) may be re-activated thereafter, annually for $935.00 (current pricing)



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