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Are you looking for a factory diagnostic solution for Subaru?

We currently have factory kits on order. Please contact us to reserve your kit.
The Subaru Select Monitor III (SSMIII), also known as the Hitachi Diagnostic System (HDS 3000) is the manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Scan Tool for Subaru vehicles. The SSMIII or HDS 3000 kit is available now and includes a proprietary, 16-pin diagnostic cable, Subaru Diagnostics Interface (SDI), CF Card, application software (includes 12-month subscription for software updates).

The SDI and related hardware and software, provides the functionality required to troubleshoot all control systems on 1996 model-year and later Subaru vehicles. These are essential tools for all Subaru franchised dealers and are sold by OhioDiagnostics LLC to independent service professionals.

The Subaru Select Monitor III/HDS 3000 kit provides the aftermarket with same systems coverage and functionality available to the Subaru dealership technician. To order the Subaru Select Monitor III/HDS 3000 kit, click here.

To view the HDS 3000 diagnostic screen shot tour click here

Here is a listing of components included in the HDS 3000 kit:
Cable, proprietary Sumitomo 44/16 Cable, SDI to PC A/B Style USB
CF Card, 256 MB
Carrying Case
Software (Subaru Select Monitor III on CD)
12-month subscription for software updates
Adapter, AC power for SDI Box
A PC is not included. A customer supplied PC desktop or laptop should have the minimum recommended operating specifications as noted here:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Do Not Use Windows Vista)
Pentium M processor 900 MHz
Hard Drive Capacity 20GB
Communications Port USB port (USB 1.1 or higher)
Reprogramming Capabilities
Subaru has no reprogramming capability for model years 1996-1998. Starting with the 1999 model year, the Subaru Select Monitor III/HDS 3000 application software includes all Subaru proprietary reprogramming files, and includes the calibration identification number (CID).
Security Professional Emergency Key Request
Subaru Key Code and Immobilizer Code Request
In order to retrieve a Key Code and Immobilizer Code for any Subaru vehicle, you need to be registered with the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

If you have not yet registered, please click HERE to be directed to the ALOA registration proces


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