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Are you looking for a factory diagnostic solution for Subaru?

We currently have factory kits on order. Please contact us to reserve your kit.
OhioDiagnostics LLC now offers the next generation, factory scan tool for Subaru. The Subaru Select Monitor IV provides 100% dealer level systems coverage and functionality for all Subaru vehicles, model year 2004 thru 2018. The SSM IV kit includes a computer laptop, proprietary, 16-pin diagnostic cable, Denso DST-i interface, SD Card, and registered and properly activated diagnostic software application.

12 months of SSM IV software updates are included. The computer laptop, with software pre-loaded, will be properly activated and registered for your immediate use upon delivery. The Subaru Select Monitor IV will continue to function as normal after the first 12 months of use, with or without the purchase of a new subscription.

The Subaru Select Monitor IV has identical systems coverage and functionality as used at Subaruís dealer network., including smart key codes and key registration. The software provided can be used on Subaru vehicles, model years 1998 through 2015 using the SSM III interface and model years 2004 through current model year and future model years using the SSM IV DST-i.

Security Professional Emergency Key Request

Subaru Key Code and Immobilizer Code Request

In order to retrieve a Key Code and Immobilizer Code for any Subaru vehicle, consider registering with the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

If you have not yet registered, please click HERE to be directed to the ALOA registration process.


Previous Version, Subaru Factory Scan Tool
We offer technical support and repair services for the Subaru Select Monitor III and HDS 3000.


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